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How to delete one or more documents from your MongoDB repository

MongoDB seems to be complex at first sign, but in fact is not, you could perform a complete CRUD easily if you expend some time on the documentation. For example, lets say you need to delete some documents (rows, if you are thinking on a traditional RDBMS). First you want to find all these documents to be removed. > db.your_collection.find({ "cvectry": "MX", "layer_id": 20 }, {}) { "_id" : ObjectId("5e8123e8892355c921e6b436"), "layer_id" : 20 } > After finding all these documents to be removed, then you want to perform the following delete method as follow: > db.your_collection.remove({ "cvectry": "MX", "layer_id": 20 }, { justOne: true }) WriteResult({ "nRemoved" : 1 }) > In this case, after finding all these documents that match with "cvectry": "MX", "layer_id": 20. I got the result on the first command I ran, so I just wanted to delete just on

Luna mágica, tarde especial

 Y me encontré un atardecer común a simple vista pero con un despliegue mágico de cambios en colores y tonalidades.  Mira esto. Observa bien la imagen, porque en tonalidades negro hay una palmera. Mira la foto en un lugar obscuro. No recuerdo la fecha exacta, pero fue en enero 2021.